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The Home You Didn’t Know You Missed

Posted on May 11, 2023Written by 1Berkshire
Updated on May 30, 2023

Evaguel Rhysing, photo by Greg Nesbit

CEO of United Aircraft Technologies, Evaguel Rhysing (she/her), shares the ways the Berkshires has become the perfect home for her business, her family, and her preferred way of life.

You were born and raised in Puerto Rico, went to college in upstate New York, and started your business in the Capitol Region. What brought you to the Berkshires?

I believe one of the key success factors for an entrepreneur or a company is yes, a good product, a good team, but also a good support system. The support we have received in the Berkshires, as well as the manufacturing capabilities, has been one of the main reasons why I decided to be in the Berkshires.

Tell us about your business and your vision for growing it in the Berkshires?

What we do is work on modernizing the way electrical wiring is handled in aerospace. My goal for my company is to be the standard for wiring and grow within the New England-Berkshire area but also give back to the community that believed in us early on.

What do you and your husband/co-founder, Daryian, love most about the Berkshire way of life?

We like the friendly, close-knit, laid-back way of life here. I was made to feel welcome and confident that this is where I can raise a family and build my business. The easygoing Berkshire personality also echoes throughout the company culture we are building.

Describe your perfect Berkshire weekend, one where you visit all your favorite places.

I’m a very big movie-goer. I like to walk around downtown [Pittsfield], grab a bite from Dottie’s Café Lounge, and go to the Beacon Cinema. When I’m going to have a date later in the evening, I love—in capital letters—The Roasted Garlic’s Chicken Alfredo. I love their pasta. 

How would you describe the Berkshires to someone who has never been here?

I guess for me, in a way, it’s the home you didn’t know you missed. I grew up in Puerto Rico where no matter where you go, it’s ‘mi amor, honey, sweetie’. It’s that familiarity in my community here, the welcoming, warm feel, that is like home.

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