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Cost of Living in the Berkshires


Cost of Living

The Berkshires…our scenery is relaxing, our towns are quaint, our vibe is unparalleled, and our cost of living is affordable. We’re a tempting location for visitors who want to make the jump and become second-home owners or full-time residents in the region. The area is beautiful and filled with fun and creative individuals. There are numerous job postings throughout the county as well! The cost of living here will surprise most, as it is significantly cheaper to live here than in most major travel destinations. If life is calling you, make your move to the Berkshires today.

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Tax Burden in Berkshire County Among Lowest in Massachusetts

Looking for a place to call home where taxes won’t break the bank? Look no further because SmartAsset, a New York financial technology company, recently released their second annual study on the places in America with the lowest tax burdens. Berkshire County made the list for Massachusetts at number 1, up from their rank of 10 in last year’s study. The study analyzes what a person making the US median income pays in income, sales, property, and fuel tax in counties across the country. For a look at how Berkshire County performs among the leaders in Massachusetts, check out the table below.

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