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Strawberry-Basil Berkshire Mule

Posted on July 01, 2020Written by Jacob Hane

A Cocktail for the Summer Season

Strawberry basil muleIf you’re looking for a delicious, cool Summer treat, look no further! This recipe for a Strawberry-Basil Berkshire Mule incorporates fresh fruit and herbs from #intheBerkshires. Make sure to visit our vast array of orchards and farmers markets to pick up the produce for this tasty drink.

You’ll need:


  • Place your strawberries and basil in the bottom of a shaker
  • Add the lime juice
  • Shake up the ingredients
  • Add vodka and ice
  • Strain into your favorite glass with ice
  • Top with ginger beer 
  • Enjoy!

If you liked this #tasteBerkshires recipe from the 1Berkshire staff, make sure to look back at our previous recipes. Happy Summer!

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