West Stockbridge Village


  • West Stockbridge, MA 01266
    (413) 232-7175

Nestled on the banks of the Williams River, this charming historic village features an eclectic mix of galleries, shops, restaurants and inns.

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West Stockbridge Village Articles and Posts:

Feeding the Spirit

By Lesley Ann Beck
January and February are the coldest months, but after the indulgences of December, they are also months…

From the Kiln to Your Kitchen

By Todd Fiorento
In a land of tableware, one could easily see how an overzealous kitty cat could be trouble.  And…

The Bounty Around Us

Berkshire Farmers Markets Bring Local Produce Home
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The Bounty Around Us

Berkshire Farmers Markets are a Great Stop on Any Itinerary
This year, more than ever, farmers markets are enabling visitors to…

The Art of Coffee

by Nancy Macy

As I enter the Shaker Dam Coffeehouse in West Stockbridge, I’m greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly…

Fall in the Berkshires

The natural beauty that dazzles us on a crisp, blue-sky autumn afternoon is the very same beauty that enticed settlers…

Tea Time – TasteBerkshires

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Where Culture and Cuisine Combine

By Nancy Macy

We invite your group to tour the Berkshires, where world-class culture is presented amidst stunning landscapes and a…

Shopping Away the Winter Blues

By Darcie Sosa

It’s deep winter now, temperatures are low, and the days are way too short. Enjoy the outdoors and…