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#LiveBRK: Tim and Brian Cherubini
Telecommuters, Williamstown, MA

Posted on September 04, 2019Written by Lindsey Schmid

Tim and Brian CherubiniTim and Brian Cherubini were living in Atlanta when they decided they were ready for a change. They had a few criteria in mind for their new home, including a place that had four seasons and winter sports. Denver was one option they considered, but it didn’t have everything they wanted. Both are from small towns and wanted that feel, so they started looking at New England.

When Tim’s work in higher education brought him to Williams College in Williamstown, he loved the area immediately and recalls telling Brian, “You have to come to this place!” They moved to Williamstown in 2007.

Tim, 56, needs to travel for work and enjoys having Albany and Hartford airports nearby as well as Amtrak train service for his frequent trips to DC. “Williamstown is a small town with big-city amenities,” he says. “And we’re also close to New York City, Boston, and Montreal if we want to go to the city.”

Brian, 50, had been working in IT in the healthcare industry and could telecommute from Williamstown. In 2018, he started a BSN in Nursing program at Southern Vermont College. “It’s a great place to relocate if you’re thinking of starting over in your 50s,” he says.

In addition to the area and lifestyle being just what they were looking for, the pair say it’s been easy to make friends here and become actively engaged in the community. “There is a richness here, in nature, culture, and the people,” says Tim, adding it’s also more diverse here than what they found in Atlanta. “Whether local or transplants,” Tim says, “everyone has an interesting story.”

Photo (left to right): Tim and Brian Cherubini at JiminyPeak Mountain Resort, Hancock, MA. Photo: Kara Thornton.

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