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Drive-In Movie Theaters Popping Up in Pittsfield, Lenox

Posted on July 29, 2020Written by Jacob Hane


Although they’re not able to welcome people into their theaters right now, some theater groups in the Berkshires are finding other ways to bring people together: temporary drive-in movie theaters.

Starting July 16, Shakespeare & Company will host a drive-in theater on their campus in Lenox in partnership with the Berkshire International Film Festival.

Allyn Burrows, Shakespeare & Company’s Artistic Director said, “Thursday nights, we will show independent films and documentaries, and then on Friday nights, Shakespeare-themed films. Saturday nights, again, documentaries or independent films, and then Sunday nights will be family-themed films.”

The theater company postponed its entire 2020 season until next year, so Burrows says it was important to maintain their connection to the community in some way.

“It’s really about the community, right, and getting people out, enjoying the night air, enjoying the Berkshire atmosphere,” Burrows said.

Berkshire Theatre Group is holding their own drive-in on the second and third weekends of July in the parking lot of Taconic High School in Pittsfield.

Berkshire Theatre Group’s Artistic Director, Kate Maguire, said, “Since drive-ins are part of Phase I in Massachusetts, we decided to just go forward. The city has been remarkable in its cooperation, and so July will be family fun at ‘Sunset Cinema.’”

Maguire says they’re hoping to put on some in-person shows later this summer. She’s optimistic it will be possible because of how well the state has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve taken precautions, we’re all wearing masks, we’ll ask all of our audience members to continue to wear masks,” Maguire said. “So we feel very, very fortunate here in the Berkshires to see the numbers going down.”

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