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Big-city Smarts. Small-town Feel.

Posted on May 01, 2022Written by Nancy Macy
Updated on September 01, 2022

Stephen Boyd of Boyd Technology

1Berkshire Spotlight on Stephen Boyd of Boyd Technologies – December 1, 2021

A Conversation with Stephen Boyd (he/him)

The CEO of family-owned biomedical company Boyd Technologies in Lee discusses what he enjoys most about the Berkshires—from the mountains to the food to world-class culture.

You grew up in Stockbridge, left for college in Vermont, and lived in New York City and Boston early in your career. What brought you back to the Berkshires?

Business was picking up at Boyd Converting, the company my father started in 1979. My wife and I had bought land in Stockbridge. Her brother encouraged us to move back. He said, ‘If you can raise your family on a country road without a double yellow line, do it.’ We built our house here just in the nick of time. Our daughter was born six months later.

What do you love most about the way of life in the Berkshires?

Having a career in a global business nestled in a place where people come to vacation with world-class culture and arts is pretty special. So many times I drive around, seeing these rolling hills and vistas, where I’m like, wow, do I live here? 

What’s a perfect weekend like for you in the Berkshires?

There are so many perfect weekends. Whether it’s fishing in Becket to Jacob’s Pillow for dance companies from around the world to concerts on the lawn at Tanglewood to skiing at Jiminy Peak or grabbing a beer at Moe’s Tavern, I find myself there with an ease that people plan six months for who live far away.  

What words best describe the Berkshires?

Big-city smarts, small-town feel. We’ve got the influences of New York City and Boston, the light and spirituality of a place like Santa Fe, rolling hills like Vermont, and chefs creating the best food you’ve ever had.

How has the pandemic impacted your life and work in the Berkshires?

Dramatically. The Berkshires is a place where it is peaceful, fun, safe, and easy to get outside for recreation at a very difficult time. As an essential business, we worked straight through because we’re focused on health care. We’re a contract design and manufacturer of biomedical devices, in vitro diagnostics, single-use assemblies as well as fluid management and drug delivery devices or bioprocessing aids used by companies such as Moderna to make vaccines and other therapeutics. All in a place where the creative economy and design community bring innovation forward, so I’m really excited about the vibrant talent that has moved to the area during this time.

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