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Your Perfect Berkshire Home

By Kim Ostellino

Imagine venturing on a short drive from the city and pulling your vehicle up to the secluded entrance of your country hideaway. You breathe in the fresh mountain air relaxing every part of your being. Berkshire County has long been a destination for visitors looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and now more than ever folks are choosing to buy property in the Berkshires both as full time and part time residents. If you have ever thought of owning a home in the area, now may be a perfect time! Whether you are seeking a stately colonial with majestic views or a quiet, rustic cabin retreat, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Autumn brings not only gorgeous foliage but also more houses to the market, as investors open their inventories. It also the ideal time to view properties before the snow blankets them for the winter.

It's the perfect time to buy. Find out why.

Photo Credit: Kim Ostellino

People are drawn to this desirable location for a multitude of reasons, aside from its obvious aesthetic appeal. Our four seasons offer outdoor enthusiasts a vast array of activities. There are rambling mountains for hiking, lakes, and rivers for kayaking, and miles of trails for cycling. The Berkshires are also a thriving cultural community and the arts are an important aspect of life here. Our farm-to-table food culture can be found in area restaurants, farmers markets, and on tables throughout the county.

Another benefit is that the cost of living in the Berkshires is far less than in big cities or their suburbs yet we have many of the benefits a big city offers. There are distinguished private schools and our public schools spend more per student than on average in the country. Offering one of the lowest tax burdens in the state, an average commute of twenty minutes or less, and with our state having one of the fastest growing labor forces, the Berkshires are attractive to people looking for a better employment life.

Live in a lively and tight knit community.

Location: Monterey, Photo Credit: Ogden Gigli

Because of its serene beauty, laid-back lifestyle and affordable cost of living, the Berkshires are drawing a wide variety of new homeowners. Second homeowners have always played an important part in the Berkshire’s real estate market, but there is a new influx of buyers. Exorbitant mortgages in the city are causing people to choose to buy their first home in the Berkshires while continuing to rent in the city. Buying a new home is an important decision, and luckily there is plenty of qualified help to guide you through the process. So, come and #liveBRK.

Berkshire County Board of Realtors is one place to start, or take a look at these select agencies, all excited and ready to help you find your perfect new home! Learn about the 32 communities that make up Berkshire County.

Kim is a freelance writer, devoted to bringing the best of the Berkshires to locals and visitors alike through her website, Berkshire Girl Online. She is an avid hiker and kayaker, who also loves to explore the cultural and historical sites of the Berkshires.