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Winter is Your Friend: Getting Outside and Enjoying Winter in the Berkshires

While a cozy armchair, surrounded by the light and warmth of a roaring fireplace may be your idea of the perfect way to spend a long, New England winter, there are countless ways to enjoy winter outdoors in the Berkshires — each will make that warm fire even more welcoming when you return. Bundle up and get ouside! The winter brings with it all new ways to enjoy nature and recreation of the Berkshires.

It’s All Downhill from Here

The Berkshires are home to some of the best, most accessible downhill skiing and snowboarding resorts in the Northeast. From Catamount to Bousquet, Jiminy Peak to Berkshire East, skiers and snowboarders have their choice of gentle beginner terrain, intermediate cruisers, and expert trails to challenge the veteran riders. Any skier or snowboarder will tell you that they live for winter and while skiing and riding are the most proven ways to develop a lifelong love affair with snow, there are many other ways to enjoy winter at ski resorts. Here are a few that just about anyone can take part in – all levels of physical abilities are welcome!:

  • Mountain Coasters: Berkshire East has just opened their brand new mountain coaster. Soar down the mountainside in a gravity-powered roller coaster as it winds through trees and snow from high in the mountains to the valley floor. Are you staying at or near Jiminy Peak? They have their own unique mountain coaster for you to enjoy.
  • Tubing: Remember sledding as a kid? It was non-stop fun every time it snowed! But maybe as you grew older, the walk back up started to outweigh the fun you found in the short ride down. Well, things have changed. Now Bousquet, Catamount, Jiminy and Berkshire East all offer their own lift-served snow tubing on long, perfectly groomed runs. When you reach the bottom, just hop on the conveyor or rope tow lift for an easy ride to the top without hiking. Grab a group of friends for a day or evening of winter thrills.

No Need to Travel Across the Continent for Great Cross Country

With the rolling, mountainous terrain of the Berkshires, cross country skiers travel from around the world to experience our top-notch groomed trails and backcountry. Cross country skiing is as easy and enjoyable as walking.

Whether you stick to the flat meadow loops or venture into steeper climbs and descents through spruce and hardwood forests, you’ll find a world-class cross country skiing experience here in the Berkshires. Choose from the groomed terrain and cozy facilities at Canterbury Farm in Becket, Cranwell Resort in Lenox, Hilltop Orchards in Richmond, Maple Corner Farm in Granville or Notchview in Windsor, or venture out onto the trails and backcountry of our state parks and preserves. Experience the Berkshires in a coat of snowy white, guided by the soft sound of skis gliding across snow.

Ice, Baby

Sport and recreational fishermen from all over seek the Berkshires in the summer for our lakes teeming with trophy fish. In the winter, it’s often a locals’ game as the lakes freeze over and neighbors fill up sleds with augers, tip-ups and lunches. But that doesn’t mean it’s just as easy for visitors to enjoy the exciting ice fishing that the Berkshires have to offer. Charter the Berkshires in Great Barrington offers fully guided ice fishing adventures throughout the region for all skill levels.

Layer Up

Now that you have some ideas for getting outside to enjoy the winter weather, you should make sure that you’re prepared for whatever conditions you may encounter. Experts suggest dressing in layers of wicking and waterproof clothing (not cotton). The type of clothing you should wear also depends on the activity, so stop in at one of the Berkshires’ premier outfitters, including Arcadian Shop in Lenox, Berkshire Bike and Board in Great Barrington and Pittsfield, Berkshire Outfitters in Adams, or Plaines Bike, Ski and Snowboard in Pittsfield, for a full selection of winter wear and gear.

After a winter day in the outdoors, you’ll discover that your fireplace is even warmer, your hot cocoa is more delicious and your bed is even cozier. So get out there and enjoy all of the winter activities in the Berkshires!