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Why the Berkshires Are the Best Place to Attend Summer Camp

By Blake Sunshine

There is truly nothing as splendid as the rolling hills, lush forests, serene mountains, and sparkling lakes of the Berkshires. With an average summer temperature in the high seventies and a so much nature to explore, it’s no wonder that the Berkshires have become a hub of some of America’s best summer camps. While an easy driving distance from New York and Boston, Berkshire Summer Camps feel like a remote retreat that is worlds away!

However, campers aren’t just attending Berkshire Summer Camps for nature! Berkshire camps possess unique programs and traditions that make for one-of-a-kind summers.

What a view!

A Summer Haven So Close to Home

Today’s children are facing a world in which screen time often outweighs outdoor play and exploration. Summer camp gives children something they may not get during the rest of the year: time to explore, discover, be active, and just be a kid again. Berkshire summer camps provide activities as varied as rock climbing, team sports, water sports like canoeing and kayaking and visual and performing arts. Each camp offers its own unique variety of activities, traditions, and skill-building activities.

Get your moneys worth.

World Class Instruction and Activities

Some Berkshire camps specialize in sports or outdoor recreation. These specialty camps allow children to learn from world-class instructors and coaches.

Berkshire Summer Camps also benefit from a flourishing creative and performing arts community. Inspiring teachers and staff lead campers on their path of self-expression, fueling it with opportunities to tackle new projects and improve important skills like public speaking. Children looking to pursue a creative passion can choose from theatre, dance, music, ceramics, woodworking, painting, drawing, crafting, and more.

No matter what activity, Berkshire instructors are committed to providing children with a fun summer experience marked by self-fulfillment.

Friendships that will last a lifetime.

A Tradition of Excellence

Most of the Berkshire Summer Camps have been around for over 50 years – and it shows in the vibrant traditions, staff, and culture that define everyday camp life. Plus, every camp has been accredited by American Camp Association to assure a quality summer experience.

Many camp directors have dedicated their entire lives to children and summer camp. Their expertise transcends generations and their love for camp unite alumni of all ages. You will not find this kind of lifelong dedication anywhere else!

To top it off, each camp has its own full set of traditions – from songs to games to daily routines. These traditions help campers understand that they are an important part of the camp community. They also make for many wonderful memories!

There is truly nothing quite like going to summer camp in the Berkshires! Each camp has something special to offer, but no matter which camp you choose, you won’t be far from home! To learn more about Berkshire Summer Camps, visit