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West Wind Breathworks Offers Something Different – The Wellness Guy

KripaluGoing to visit Scot Raphael Vighi at his home office in Lenox is a little like going to see a medium, though he doesn’t actively market his services in that way. Scot seems to have one foot in the spirit world and another in this one. He is comfortable discussing all things other-worldly and tries to help his clients remove what may be blocking them. If you are someone who treats yoga as simply part of your physical fitness work-out and nothing more, then Scot may not be the right teacher for you. Yoga is more than body to him (Scot teaches yoga classes at Kripalu and Rhythms). That’s not to devalue the fitness piece, however, as Scot does physical fitness training for clients too. At the root of his practice is breathing and meditation thus the name West Wind Breathworks. He helps clients to clear all of the mental debris to get at what is most essential for them. Add to this his hypnotherapy practice, Qi-gong, Reiki master-level training, Kundalini yoga and even opera singing, and you have a rich picture of a practitioner who is open to all things. Perhaps it is this openness that makes Scot different. As adults with lots of responsibilities and demands placed upon our time, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of obligations. Just responding to everything and everyone can eat up your life force. Perhaps this is where West Wind Breathworks comes in. Take an hour for yourself, for healing, to reassess and check in with the universe. Where you’ve been and where you’re going.