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Water Therapies Make Big Splash! At Cranwell by The Wellness Guy (WG)

Not all spas have been quick to embrace water therapies.  Demand by the public can be lukewarm, it requires various facilities and specially trained staff.  But Cranwell Resort & Spa at 55 Lee Road in Lenox recently dove in to test the waters with some new programs and a different take on water aerobics.  Aside from offering swimming lessons ranging from tot-level to advanced/competitive, Cranwell runs a Deep Water Challenge and Liquid Force classes.  The former involves a waist float and a series of exercises designed to improve cardio and bulk up muscles.  The latter is a high octane work out with dumbbells, noodles and balls with a focus on those six-pack abs.  After your workout, chill out with a Pure H20 facial or body treatment; there’s also a Body Moist treatment with vitamins A, C and E that can hydrate your skin while you melt into oblivion.  Check out Cranwell’s Spa Shop and try out products like their Moroccan oil at home.  It’s great for scalp, hair or body use.  The facility is spotless, and you can buy a membership (or day pass) for use of the pool, fireside whirlpool with ice towel compress to follow or fitness center.  So whether you’re a local or traveler, Cranwell has much to offer in the way of comfort, innovative treatments and atmosphere.  Add to this some community spirit (the “Swim Chicks” along with Annie Selke Companies are hosting a Swim-A-Thon to raise money for the Elizabeth Freeman Center women’s shelter) and you’ve got a great Berkshire outfit serving the public in unique ways and giving back.