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Valentine’s Day – On the Road With Michelle

February’s holiday is Valentine’s Day. A time to celebrate love no matter how new or old. What typically comes to mind are heart shaped boxes full of creamy chocolates, bottles of wine, flowers, dinners for two… Let’s not get it twisted, that’s all great and everything, but we’re in the Berkshires! Break out of that cookie-cutter norm.

Here are a few romantic ideas: Ok. Chocolate. We can’t cover the topic of romance without the mention of that sweet treat. But solid Milk Chocolate is so blasé. Been there, done that. How about the Celebration, the Hazelnut Crunch, the Raspberry Love, or a Champagne Cognac Truffle. Sounds delicious, right? Unique chocolatier Chocolate Spring Café is where you’ll find these goodies. Beautiful and sensuous, each piece of chocolate is a departure from the norm. There is a seemingly endless list of flavors to enjoy, gift, and savor, so by all means stock up.

A nice bottle of wine is always a treat, but we’re not visiting relatives for Thanksgiving, we’re being romantic! Break the urge to pop some Pinot Noir and give a unique gift of a snowshoe hike and wine tasting at Hilltop Orchards, home of the Furnace Brook Winery. It’s a one-stop shop up there! Hilltop has on-site snowshoe rentals, 20 miles of groomed trails, a small admission fee, and a winery to sample their wines. Snuggle up by their hearth fireplace and sip on their award-winning wines.

butterflyFlowers are nice, especially when they are arranged in a proper bouquet. On gray snowy days, a pop of color is a real treat. But we can also achieve pops of color with throw pillows… So take your sweetie to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Garden and soak in the rainforest-like atmosphere. Flowers are everywhere and butterflies (there are over 4,000) of many shapes and colors will flit around the two of you! It’s a truly magical experience and it is 80 degrees year-round, so why the heck not.

Romantic dinners are always special. It’s a time to reconnect, spend a little extra money, and eat something you’d never make at home. If you’re a fast eater, see your romantic partner on the daily, or don’t have a good babysitter connection, maybe we’d best get real here and find another option. Why not have a collaborative meal at home with your kids (if that applies). “But Michelle, I do that every night!” Steamed hot dogs, boxed mashed potatoes, and a pile of baby carrots don’t count. I’m talking about coming up with a somewhat deluxe three-course menu. There are some rules, of course. Everyone participating needs to agree on the menu and everyone needs to help in some way. Three courses. Salad or soup, entrée, and dessert. Make it special. Make it creative. Find your ingredients at Guido’s Fresh Marketplace, Berkshire Organics, and Wohrle’s Foods and hit the ground running.

Romance is about capturing the love around you and spreading positive energy. Create a unique experience for your loved ones and do something out of the box. The Berkshires offer plenty of options from classic to off-beat ways to say “I Love You.”

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