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Enjoy the sweet taste of the Berkshires.There is nothing plain about the pure vanilla extract made in the Berkshires by Charles H. Baldwin & Sons. When you turn the cap on one of their bottles you open your senses to a fragrance that is as intense as it is sweet. Bakers traveling in the area seek it out, knowing that its rich flavor still holds true even when blended into a recipe.

The Baldwin family has been manufacturing its line of pure extracts and flavorings for generations. The formula, and the oak casks its aged in, have remained the same since the first ounce. Even the location on Center Street in West Stockbridge has been constant since 1921. Baldwin’s also sells a range of specialty baking ingredients, including their own Maple Table Syrup—a unique blend of pure cane syrup and pure maple syrup that tastes good on just about anything.

For those that savor the taste of pure New England maple syrup, there is Ioka Valley Farm in Hancock. On weekends from mid-February to early April, the sugarhouse is open for tours and hearty pancake breakfasts are served up at the farm’s Cafe-A. Ioka’s farm store is open year-round for maple syrup and other maple products to bring home.

These are but a few of the many distinctive flavors found in the Berkshires. Visit us to explore more of what makes this area a top destination for food lovers.