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This Wedding in the Berkshires Turned Into an Exuberant Lawn Party

Mia Solkin, the fashion director of Paper magazine, and David Ban, the director of business development at Splice, a New York–based music-creation start-up, were separately having dinner with friends at Supper, a low-key Italian joint in the East Village, when they first caught each other’s eyes. “For whatever reason—it probably had something to do with the bold red and blue Breton stripe shirt he was wearing—David piqued my interest from afar,” Mia remembers. “So, I asked my friend Laurel Pantin, the fashion features director at InStyle, to give my business card to him after I left. Apparently David was intrigued, because he texted me the next day.” They went on their first date a week or so later at Smith & Mills in Tribeca, and now, they try to celebrate their anniversary at the spots where it all started. In Categories: Press About The Berkshires. Tags: August Moon and Sheffield, MA.