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The Winter Outdoorsy You – On the Road with Michelle

Hiking in the Berkshires in the Winter is enjoyableMaybe you’re like me and were only exposed to downhill skiing once when you were eight years old. Maybe you were taken to the ice skating rink a few times a year by your best friend who zoomed circles around you while you clung to the side and were relieved when the Zamboni ushered you off the ice. Sure, I hike in the Winter, but I hate admitting that’s where the Winter Michelle ends! As a young adult living in the Berkshires, I shine April-October. (I guess my outdoorsy life follows the seasonal venues around here.) April-October I am hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, walking, running and of course cycling.

Ok, so let’s start with some baby steps: tubing, snowshoeing, and hiking. Let’s find the November-March Winter Outdoorsy you.

Tubing. For great tubing, you’ll want to head to either Berkshire East or Bousquet. Both cost about $20 per person for two hours of tubing. You’ll get a lot of downhill runs in and your wallet will thank you. At Berkshire East, enjoy a 450 feet downhill slope! When you stop, you’ll take yourself and your tube on the moving ground lift back up to the start of the downhill track.

Snowshoeing. All you’ll need is a pair of sturdy boots and some gusto. Both admission and rentals are inexpensive at Notchview (a property owned and maintained by The Trustees of Reservations) which offers miles and miles of backcountry snowshoeing. If you can walk, you can snowshoe! It’s a great workout plus afterwards, the Budd Visitors Center has a roaring fire and some hot drinks and snacks you can purchase from their café.

Another one stop shop is the Arcadian Shop and Kennedy Park. Rent your snowshoes from the Arcadian Shop, walk out their front door and turn into Kennedy Park’s 500 miles of trails. Another reward is their café and reading area. Pick up one of their Kennedy Park water bottles as a commemoration of your journey.

Hiking. Winter hiking is another way to inch your way off the couch, out of your house, and into the great outdoors. Berkshire Natural Resources Council’s trails are free and open to the public. They have well-maintained, unique properties scattered throughout the Berkshires. They also have free events that boast hot chocolate and donuts afterwards!

Keep your crockpots simmering on low while you’re outdoors in the Berkshires. Be a Winter weekend warrior and baby step yourself into a new tradition. Whether you’re tubing, snowshoeing or hiking, the winter is only around for a few months anyways.

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