The Berkshires Blog

The Vacation Home in the Berkshires

By Paula McLean

“I went to camp here years ago, that’s when I fell in love with the area.”

“We have sold our large home in New York, the one we raised the kids in, and now we want a place here and an apartment in the city.”

“Six months here, six months in Florida…”

These are the comments I hear over and over again as to why so many people want a vacation home in the beautiful Berkshires. They feel a huge exhale as they exit the turnpike and the sense of relaxation; culture and beauty take precedence over their everyday hustle.   It is a welcoming county, filled with big blue sky and glorious green hills we tend to call mountains. It is home, the place you always come back to, the place that enchants so many musicians, artists and lovers of all things peaceful.  It is, after all, the very place that the affluent and famous chose decades ago to build there “cottage” getaways.

These vacation homes are not just for summer retreats, more and more they are being used year round whether it is for a ski getaway in the winter or for a foliage retreat in the fall. The Berkshires truly offers a year round experience which makes it an ideal place to purchase a second home.

Once you settle on buying a home in the Berkshires you will be surprised at the affordability. Depending on which one of our 32 towns you chose to settle in there is a house for just about any budget, some single family homes are starting in the low $100,000. Interested? Then it’s time to find a good local agent to work with. McLean Realtors takes a team approach to real estate which allows you availability, access and accountability during the entire buying process. Another option is Berkshire Country Homes, they specializes in the second home owner market, they also offer vacation rentals which is a great way to get familiar with the area before buying or check out Berkshire Property Agents, they cater to all segments of the affluent market. If condo living is more your style then take some time to chat with L.D. Builders about their conveniently located and nicely appointed properties. Check out this list to learn about other realtors in the Berkshires and find the right one to put you into your new home.

It matters not whether you own a rustic campy cottage or a palatial mansion; the Berkshire aura instills the same environment of tranquility. It has intrinsic value beyond a dollar’s worth. It has a unique heartbeat and a most pleasing symphony for the senses. It sells itself and be for you know it you might be calling the Berkshires your permanent home!


Paula J. McLean, ABR, CRS, RSPS has specialized in Condominium and Vacation Home sales throughout her 32 year tenure in Berkshire County Real  Estate. She holds a national designation as a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist and has held sales positions at FairWynds at Cranwell Resort, Twelve Oaks Village and South Pond Farm Condominiums. She is currently a broker and co-owner of McLean and McLean Realtors Inc.