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The Mount: Edith Wharton’s House, Lenox, Massachusetts

Have you noticed how historic houses always showcase the achievements of men? Women barely get a mention, and when they do it is often only in supporting roles. The grand houses we visited on our road and cycling trip through America’s north-east were almost all built by men and, with few exceptions, the history of the houses highlighted the achievements of the men who lived in them. Visiting estates such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Henry Francis Du Pont’s Winterthur and even Edward Berwind’s The Elms, you could sometimes be forgiven for wondering what roles their wives played in life. Edward Berwind’s wife was so tucked away in the minutia of his life history I had to dig deep even to discover her name. How refreshing then, on our last historic house tour, to visit The Mount; planned, built and made famous by a woman. Read more about visiting Edith Wharton’s House, The Mount >>