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The Great Berkshire Outdoors: Let The Berkshire Mountain Rover Take You There

Welcome to my Berkshire rovings, I look forward to sharing many wonderful outdoor Berkshire adventures with you. Just a bit about me, though, I grew up in New York with the Berkshires first as a destination and then, as an adult, a home. One of my earliest memories in life spurred from a photograph of me in a diaper, standing at the edge of a gentle pool below Bash Bish Falls, and my first time on skis was as a two-year-old at Catamount. That first day at Catamount, would lead to a career in the ski business, which allowed me to return to the Berkshires to eventually work at two of the region’s amazing resorts.

In this little corner of the world, I have found endless opportunities for big adventure. From snow and ice pursuits in the winter to rocky ascents, green meadows and flat and fast water in the summer, and the fall foliage which makes any activity more beautiful, I hope to offer you a glimpse into the outdoor world of the Berkshires from the perspective of a one-time visitor who decided to stay.