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The Clark’s meadow of sculptures under the stars

Posted on March 11, 2021Written by Linda Beach

Published in Greenfield Recorder
By Don Stewart

The 14th-century physician and controversial prophet Nostradamus (1503 to 1566) once suggested that humanity would pass through a great age of suffering. Some of us thought he was forecasting the Adam Sandler-movie era; however, to others, he might have foreseen the present day. Some day we’ll return to normal life: wondering which state can create the biggest pizza, learning a new definition for eternity in summertime Cape Cod traffic jams and finding out what our new neighbors actually look like.

In the short term, COVID-19 has been the mother of invention and Williamstown’s Clark Art Institute, through October, is providing a free, creative outing for all ages. Eight original sculptures by world renowned sculptresses are available for viewing at any time, day or night, dotted throughout the institute’s pastoral 140 acres.

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