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The Berkshires: An Amazing Place To Visit, To Live, To Work

by Lauri Klefos, CMO 1Berkshire

The Berkshires is a region with endless potential, rich in nature and brimming with culture. Everywhere I go, people tell me how lucky I am to live here.  And I agree. Where else can you see year-round, world-class art and theater and not have to battle crowds or traffic? Furthermore, few places can compete with our wealth of natural resources.

There is no doubt that we are a well-known tourism destination, but behind those scenic vistas is an economy poised for a renaissance.  The true story of the Berkshires is more than one of place, it is a story about our people.  It is about a quality of life built on a rare mix of easily accessible outdoor recreational activities, memorable culinary experiences, and endless cultural opportunities. It is powered by creativity, invention, and innovation.  It is populated by those who have chosen to come or stay here because of what it offers: a simpler, more fulfilling life. It is an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment, where people are highly engaged in their community.

In this place of incomparable natural beauty, we have a deep connection with the land. Our farming heritage dates back to the 1600’s, fostering deep roots with today’s popular farm-to-table movement.  Since the 1800’s the Berkshires have been a home for writers, artists, and musicians; a legacy that continues today.  Equidistant between New York City and Boston, people and institutions from both are eager to make their homes here.  The Berkshires’ abundant resources have attracted people for generations and enabled commerce.

Today, the 1Berkshire Strategic Alliance (our regional economic development collaborative) is embarking on a mission to attract residents, entrepreneurs, and skilled talent in order to fuel our future. We want to inspire people to not only visit the region but to consider it as a permanent haven to live and work.  Our target? People like you who already know us, whether the Berkshires is your home or your home away from home.

This is not about creating a new brand for the Berkshires,  we already have one.  Instead, we listened to a variety of perceptions that already existed and built a message that captures the optimism and opportunity of our region.  It pays homage to our rich history but focuses on a fresh, contemporary feel to showcase the energy of the area.  It is not merely a way to tell the world about the Berkshires, but to remind people about how they feel when they’re in the Berkshires.

Here are the results of our efforts, our truth about the Berkshires…watch the video.

The results from the research presented the belief that the people in the Berkshires are inspired by the multitude of cultural offerings and invigorated by the stunning 4-season surroundings. They told us that they find balance in their lifestyles here – work and play, indoors and outdoors, family and friends.

So our challenge is clear. We want to convince visitors that because there is so much to do in the Berkshires, they should stay longer.  We want to create opportunities for people to enhance their life and to promote, celebrate, and support the character of individuals who give their best.

That’s why we need you…

We want to know why you love the Berkshires and hear your Berkshire story. Think about what sets us apart from other places you’ve been. What is that thing that makes us special and makes you want to come back?  What draws you to making new connections or strengthening old ones? Show us by sending a short video (link to [email protected]) that we can share on our social media channels.

Join us, because we believe everyone should have a Berkshire experience, to be whatever and whoever they want to be. In the Berkshires, we believe in being free to explore, create, and collaborate.  We believe in a life unbound, in dreams transformed, in a place where nature and culture aren’t mutually exclusive.  We believe in a life of hustle but not bustle.  It’s not country life, city life, or suburban life.  It’s life in the Berkshires….and it’s calling you!