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The 50 Most Charming Towns in America and the Berkshires had two towns rank

‘Small Town America’ is a world in and of itself. Sleepy coastal villages, forgotten dessert towns and colonial New England communities are just a few things that come to mind when we hear the word ‘charming small towns’. Thanks to its extremely diverse population, landscape and culture, the United States is home to an abundance of quirky small towns. We took the time to research the ones that best fit the bill…

To help us narrow it down, we looked only at communities with a max population of 50,000 that hold a unique quality. Whether your idea of charming small towns equal a mountain village, old rail city, a harbour town or something different entirely, it’s probably on this list. Here are 50 of America’s most charming small towns.

Scroll to 29 and NUMBER 1!!

50 of America’s Most Charming Small Towns was published on Big Seven Travel.