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SoCo Creamery – On the Road with Michelle

SoCo CreameryFood memories. The average person is supposed to eat something and be reminded of a dish their so-and-so would make. “This braised beef stew makes me think of my Grandmother” or “I loved that apple pie! Just like my mother used to make”. I do not have this phenomenon. Instead, I think of specific childhood moments. Here are some examples: ranch dressing reminds me of eating salad out of pressed wooden bowls on a clean brown table with a napkin on my lap while I stare at a dirty yellow linoleum kitchen floor. Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing remind me of cigarette smoke, heavy draperies, Oriental rugs and paper crowns. Brownies remind me of cold leather chairs, warm Diet Coke, and video gaming. Ice cream reminds me of a 4th-grade typing class achievement.

I was enrolled by my mom in a typing class. Jane Moore, my friend Jemma’s mom, taught the class out of her sunroom after school twice a week for 6 consecutive weeks. Real deal typewriters folks. The kind when you make a mistake you cannot undo. No delete button. No backspace. Real. Deal. I wasn’t the greatest typer, but I certainly was a great student. It took me the entire 6 weeks to practice and finally achieve the 20-words-per-minute goal with no mistakes. How did I do this? Food motivation. Jane Moore had struck a deal with our local ice cream shop. Type 20-words-per-minute, get handed a gorgeous slip of paper to redeem your free small ice cream scoop. Cone or bowl of whatever flavor you wanted. I was so proud of my feat, I never cashed in my prize.

SoCo CreameryWhat does all of this have to do with SoCo? This is supposed to be a member blog! SoCo Creamery (as I am sure you may already know) exists in artsy, bustling downtown, Great Barrington. Locally owned and operated, SoCo is the king pen of delicious, micro-batched ice cream. They have an incredible list of flavors and come in three finishes (so to speak): ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. Their store always has a line and it should; it takes some time to sift through the daily surprises, concrete favorites and classics to decide on a flavor.

Expensive? Yes. And worth every penny. Seriously. The ingredients are chosen carefully (no artificial anything, just simple ingredient purees), mixed soulfully and delivered lovingly. SoCo also offers frequent flyer miles. Buy any five items, get a free small scoop; a chance to scarf a favorite or try a new taste. SoCo is a Berkshire staple operated by people who love what they do. I am a huge fan of theirs and know that if the local ice cream store had been SoCo on Railroad Street when I was attending after-school typing school, I absolutely can guarantee I would no longer have that coupon for a free small ice cream still sitting in a memory jar. I also would have made the goal of 20-words-per-minute happen per week. Or as often as I could. Haven’t been to SoCo? Get your b-u-t-t in there ASAP!

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