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Ski Time

That first frosty night. The first snowflake drifting to the frozen ground. The ski area announcement that the snowguns are blowing. Skiers, both downhill and cross-country, wait most of the year for those moments and we’ve already experienced each one here in the Berkshires. Soon the squeak of snow beneath skis and snowboards as snow sliders clip-in will be the final bell ringing in the new season.

There are so many moments to anticipate in the coming winter, including:

  • Skating off the lift ramp for your first powder run of the day.
  • That micro-moment that happens after climbing a hill on cross-country skis, deep in the sunlit trees, and the sound of your heart pumping and heavy breathing subsides to reveal the peacefulness of the forest.
  • The last sip of hot cocoa (extra chocolatey) before gearing-up to play in the snow again.
  • The smell of hot ski wax at the tuning shop.
  • The swishing of ski pants.
  • Spotting unique wildlife like porcupines and red foxes along the ski trail.
  • The dry warmth of the masonry heater at Notchview’s Budd Visitor’s Center.
  • The “clunk clunk” of your first steps in ski boots into the Thunderbolt Trail warming hut.

What are some of your favorite winter moments? Let us know with a comment on Facebook.

Get your winter on!

Location: Jiminy Peak


By the time many of you read this, the lifts will already be spinning for the 2016-2017 season at Jiminy Peak and possibly at Catamount, Bousquet and Berkshire East too. With snow in the forecast, cross-country ski areas like Canterbury Farm, Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort, Hilltop Orchards, Maple Corner Farm and Notchview, will be right behind the downhill areas in welcoming guests to winter fun.

Snow season is underway here in the Berkshires, and there’s no better place to enjoy the recreational thrill and escape that winter provides than in these rolling hills and mountains.