Sampling of the Seasons

The Berkshires is nestled within the rolling Appalachian mountains and a neighbor to New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. Resulting in breathtaking, four-season scenery. Learn more about what each season offers.


Spring is a glorious season in the Berkshires, with the buttery sunshine beckoning the winter-weary individual to the outdoors to rediscover the beauty of the hills and valleys. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail, learn to fly fish in the tumbling stream, or take a yoga class in one of the many studios that dot the area.

In a season of renewal and rejuvenation, many opt for a spa visit or restful, healing retreat. The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health is a leader in yoga training, offering programs for beginners and novices as well as advanced practitioners. Rejuvenate at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, where an array of health and wellness programs is offered in the elegant Bellefontaine Mansion.

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Summer in the Berkshires means lush emerald lawns, exuberant hydrangea blossoms, humming bumblebees in a meadow of wildflowers; even the cool slap of the waves in a shimmering lake at a scenic camp.

For many, summer in the Berkshires translates to an intoxicating and satisfying series of exceptional cultural and arts experiences, from museums and galleries to world-class performances in theater, music, and dance. Also well known for its outdoor recreation, the Berkshires truly offer something for every member of your family.

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The natural beauty that dazzles us on a crisp, blue-sky autumn afternoon is the very same beauty that enticed settlers to the area to homestead, to start farms, and build communities.

There is no better way to immerse oneself in the glorious autumn foliage of the Berkshires than a road trip. An afternoon spent traversing the scenic byways of the Berkshires, reveling in the bright displays of leafy color, can easily segue into apple picking or a shopping spree in one of our vibrant communities, where the past is valued and the future is embraced.

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It’s a New England winter, with fields of brilliant snow, the sharp blue sky, a bracing snap of cold, and then a relaxing evening in front of a toasty fireplace, and the Berkshires is the perfect place to enjoy the season.

Whether plans are for a weekend of romance or a snowshoeing trek across white-blanketed fields, there’s an inn to suit every taste, from an elegant Victorian mansion to a rustic timber-framed lodge to a bucolic farmhouse. Skiing in the morning, visiting a world-class art museum in the afternoon, then a marvelous dinner followed by a concert and a cozy retreat at one of the welcoming B&Bs: It’s an extraordinary combination.

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