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Sample 2 Day Culinary Itinerary

Posted on December 10, 2015Written by Lindsey Schmid


10:00 AM

Arrive in Lenox, MA located in the heart of the Berkshires and Enjoy Breakfast at Haven Café & Bakery. The priority at Haven is food and community. Their mission is to offer high-quality food and excellent service to all of their guests – whether they need a fresh cup of great coffee to go, healthy delicious breakfast to sit down with, tasty life-enhancing meal to take home or if they are planning a catered event for dozens of friends and family. They support a great big team of local organic farmers, environmentally conscious and epicurious distributors.

1:00 PM

Tour and Wine Tasting at Furnace Brook Winery at Hilltop Orchards. A family-owned business that is dedicated to providing customers with a first class wine experience with a family touch. Award-winning Furnace Brook Wines are made from several Northeast varietals and produced here at Hilltop Orchards – the French style Cidre’ and Johnny Mash hard cider are made from estate grown apples.

4:30 PM

Tour and Coffee Tasting at Barrington Coffee Roasting. The unifying thread that ties their coffees together is the exceptional quality they offer in the cup. Their beans hail from the finest coffee farms in the world and come to exist, first and foremost by virtue of the great effort and care that has been devoted to their production. They believe that directly supporting quality-driven producers is the ideal manner in which to promote sound, responsible growing practices, economic sustainability, and ultimately the best quality coffee. Come and taste the difference and bring home some delicious Berkshire java.

7:30 PM

Arrive at Old Inn on the Green for Dinner and Overnight. Dining at the Old Inn on the Green is an extraordinary experience: fine wine, great food, the dining room illuminated by candles, the murmur of conversation from the other room. As Chef and Owner, Peter Platt is always firmly in charge, working to create innovative and memorable meals that are an event unto themselves. The dining rooms are lit entirely by candlelight and there are fireplaces in each room. Comfortably worn Windsor chairs and mahogany tavern tables furnish the dining rooms. The iron chandeliers and wall sconces, as well as most of the architectural features and decorative details found in the dining rooms, are true to the inn’s early history. After dinner, guests may retire to the taproom for a glass of port or take the eighteenth-century staircase upstairs to the bedrooms.


9:30 AM

Breakfast and Q&A at Berkshire Mountain Bakery. Berkshire Mountain Bakery is a small, artisanal bakery located in the village of Housatonic in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Its founder Richard Bourdon studied and practiced the art of natural sourdough bread baking in Europe. It was there that he headed one of the first bakeries in Holland to revive and develop this neglected way of baking. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a sample of their delicious chocolate bread to start your day and meet the baker, Richard Bourdon, himself.

11:00 AM

Stop & Shop at Taft Farms. At their store, you can purchase our produce, pantry items, and greenhouse goods, as well as, many other fine products from other local vendors. They offer all varieties of fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods and pastries. Many of the products from Berkshire local producers include maple syrup, jams and jellies, breads and cookies, fresh pasta, local eggs and milk, and much more. Pick up a few items to sample on the bus or bring home.

1:00 PM

Make a Shaker Recipe and Tour at Hancock Shaker Village including lunch. Hancock Shaker Village, Inc., is a private, not-for-profit educational organization. Their mission is to bring the Shaker story to life and preserve it for future generations. The Shaker Central Ministry closed the Hancock community in 1960 and sold the buildings and surrounding acreage to a group of Shaker enthusiasts, collectors, and scholars who formed the not-for-profit corporation that eventually became Hancock Shaker Village. As part of your tour, your group will make a seasonal recipe, using the produce from the HSV farm and gardens to create a simple Shaker treat in their 1830 kitchen. Then come back after your tour is over to see it come out of the oven and enjoy!

3:00 PM

Tour and Tasting at Chocolate Springs, Desserts & Café. Chocolate Springs Café specializes in handcrafted European-style gourmet dark chocolates, milk chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate infusions, chocolate mousse cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and pastries as well as our own ice cream and sorbets. The full espresso bar, assorted teas, and serious hot chocolate have become local favorites. Joshua Needleman, creator and chocolatier, has loved chocolate all of his life. His fascination with this magical ingredient, inherited from his Dutch grandmother and family, has evolved into an art form. His goal is to create a balanced harmony between the natural complexities of the natural dark chocolate and his flavor infusions. After a tour of this shop you will sit with Joshua and hear is chocolate philosophy while sampling a variety of his chocolates. Be sure to pick up a box or two to take with you.

4:30 PM

Depart the Berkshires.

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