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Popular Music Scene Awakens in the Berkshires

Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Grace and I will be your guide each week this summer to the best in pop concerts, jazz and musical theater throughout the Berkshires.

I’m a lover and student of all genres of music and a Berkshires regular. My background is as a news and feature reporter for The New York Times. I’ve written and/or collaborated on six books and my work has appeared in numerous magazines. Most importantly, in recent years I have specialized in writing about music, books and culture.

You can look forward to this column as a tip sheet about upcoming shows. I won’t review them; I will preview them, and I’ll try to persuade you to attend a concert or show that is either in your musical comfort zone or that expands your musical horizons. I might add exceptional dance programs as well as very occasional forays into contemporary classical music (i.e. “new music”) where I think a crossover event is worth your attention. Read more about the popular music scene in the Berkshires >>