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PENNY LAND Feature Film

Man in blue tee and black cap sits in front of chain link fence with garage, jungle gym in hills in distancePENNY LAND
A young man drifts aimlessly through life dreaming about striking rich by betting on the shady world of penny stocks. As his dream becomes an obsession he creates a stock scheme that could destroy himself and everyone around him.


My name is Billy Hahn. I am the writer, director and producer of the feature film PENNY LAND. The journey of making PENNY LAND started over eight years ago when I wrote the first draft of the script. I went through several revisions before I completed a final draft last year. August 2015 I teamed up with my co-producer David Joseph. Two months later we rolled cameras shooting in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Filming continued through the Winter of 2016 (mainly filming on the weekends) and wrapped May 2016. See the trailer for Penny Land here >>