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New Beginnings – On the Road With Michelle

Did you know? Sheffield is the antique capital of Massachusetts.Antiques. They are more than dusty tables and Wedgwood ashtrays. They are more than silver rimmed hand wash only glassware and vases you’re too afraid to actually fill with water and put flowers into. Antiques have a pulse and if only they could tell of the history they have seen! Antiques are sitting all around the Berkshires waiting patiently for you to give them a new beginning.

S-curved country roads will lead you to some beautiful finds. You will find unique pieces full of character. Quirky. Unusual. Practical. Whatever it is you are on the hunt for, the antique stores throughout the Berkshires offer variety in their inventory. Whether you are looking for a Mora clock, an 18th-century writing table, a French country sideboard, a Shaker oval box, a mid-century modern lamp, retro signage, or a piece of fine art, the Berkshires has it all!

Dedicated store owners travel regularly and bring back treasures from another time. They are keeping their customers and clients in mind all while scouring their networks and building their supply. Did you know Sheffield is the antique capital of Massachusetts? It’s a great place to get started on your journey and only scratches the surface of all of the wonderful treasures you’ll find in the Berkshires.

Take a piece of the Berkshires home with you and start a new history with something old. Must visit antique stores: Painted Porch Antiques, Charles Flint Art and Antiques, Berkshire Emporium and Antiques, Susan Silver Antiques, Cupboards and Roses Swedish AntiquesCirca, Elise Abrams Antiques, The Emporium Antiques Center, Asia Barong, Second Home, Sparrow Singing, Finders Keepers, and Saddleback Antiques.

Most days you can find Michelle Murphy, BVB Communications Associate, on the road visiting Members. Her visits help to keep the BVB staff updated on what’s new and offer’s Members a chance to share images and information through our various social media channels. Site visits usually last about 30-45 minutes and it is a great opportunity to educate the BVB staff so that they can inspire visitors to come and see you as well!