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Near and Far – On the Road With Michelle

Visit us from wherever you are! The Berkshires is waiting for you.The Berkshires. I like to think of it as not defined by county lines, but rather a vibe or a state of mind. Let’s face it, The Berkshires is largely composed of Western Massachusetts, sure, but southern Vermont, Western New York, Northwest Connecticut and some of Central Massachusetts also make up its geography. Visitors near and far coming to and from The Berkshires stop at businesses along the way. They have their favorite jaunts and are up to explore; finding new places for their family to enjoy.

I’m going to focus on visitors from NYC although there are visitors from Boston, The Cape, Canada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, abroad and beyond that are all important to our region!

Visitors are coming for their first time, to their second home, back for the Summer, and more when they travel from New York City. Visitors driving to The Berkshires from NYC, may take either Route 22, the Taconic State Parkway, or hop onto 684, 84, and 7 respectively. The chaos from the city disintegrates as one drives North, out of the city. Building, building, building turns into tree, tree, tree. Visitors are visually rewarded. Space, space, space. Visitors start to decompress. Straight and narrow roads turn winding with wide berths. Small upstate towns full of farm-to-table restaurants, art, and culture dot major veins into The Berkshires.

There are many Berkshire Visitors Bureau members along these roads: Austerlitz Romantic Waterfront Cottage, Behold! New Lebanon, Catamount, Darrow School, The Field Sculpture Park at Art OMI International, Grafton Stone House, Hoogs and Crawford, The Inn at Green River, The Inn at Silver Maple FarmMac-Hayden Theatre, Mario’s Restaurant, Meissner’s Auction Service & Antique Center, Millay at Steepletop, PS21, Shaker Meadows B&B, Shaker Museum/Mount Lebanon, Sharchen Imports, Tannery Pond Concerts, and The Theatre Barn.

Remember, if sometimes you feel like you’re on the cusp of The Berkshires, you’re not. You are a part of The Berkshires: your business is exactly what visitors need and want from their whole Berkshire experience.

And the Berkshire Visitors Bureau is here to include you. We’re here to tout all your wonderful news so you stay top of mind for visitors to the area! Keep us informed because the more we know, the more our audience knows. Lastly, take advantage of your free membership benefits. Not sure what benefits I’m referencing? Find them here: or reach out by phone or email whenever you have a question.

Most days you can find Michelle Murphy, BVB Communications Associate, on the road visiting Members. Her visits help to keep the BVB staff updated on what’s new and offer’s Members a chance to share images and information through our various social media channels. Site visits usually last about 30-45 minutes and it is a great opportunity to educate the BVB staff so that they can inspire visitors to come and see you as well!