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Modern Art in the Berkshires: The Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio – Berkshire Girl Around Town

FrelinghuysenIf you’ve ever wondered how artists lived their everyday lives, visit the Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio in Lenox and take a step back in time.   Here you can see firsthand how these contemporary artists lived and worked while also getting a chance to view art from some of the world’s most established modern artists.

The house was built in the Bauhaus style, on the grounds of the Morris family’s more regal estate, Brookhurst.  Within walking distance to both Tanglewood and Stockbridge Bowl this modern architectural gem is easily missed unless specifically sought out.  Mostly hidden from the road by the beautifully landscaped grounds, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised upon passing through the gates.  The parking lot is a bit removed from the house but a nice, short walk (a cart is available if needed) through lush landscape scenery will bring you to this well preserved cultural spot.  The house itself stands in striking contrast to the surrounding quaintness of the Berkshires but the fresh, clean design of the architecture makes it fit seamlessly.

There are guided tours throughout the summer months and you will be led by a docent through the house and studio while viewing abstract works from the artists themselves as well as many of their contemporaries such as Picasso, Gris and Leger.  With frescoes painted on walls works of cubist art throughout the house and the bold lines of the interior design (along with the original furnishings) you can easily imagine Morris and Frelinghuysen enjoying their daily lives in this space.

The Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio is open to visitors from June 25 until Labor Day. While many of Morris’ works hang in larger museums, such as the Whitney Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, viewing the pieces in the artist’s own home gives the art a sense of completeness that cannot be matched.