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Memorial Day Weekend Blizzard Rings in Bascom Lodge’s 75th Season

2013 brings historic firsts to the summit of Mount Greylock: the Memorial Day weekend blizzard and Bascom Lodge’s 75th anniversary season. The coming anniversary season was known, anticipated and expected; the blizzard, the resulting snow, intense winds and road closure were quite a different story.

On Saturday morning several lodge workers had made it to the summit before the closure, but considering the intensity of the storm they were quickly sent home before it was too dangerous to drive down the mountain. The lodge partners, John Dudek, Peter Dudek and Brad Parsons stayed on to secure the building and welcome stray hikers who had been pummeled by the storm.  A group of three Appalachian Trail hikers from Oklahoma were amongst the first arrivals. Whoever made it to the lodge was offered a free assortment of hot drinks and lunch items. The wind surged and rumbled around the summit. Inside the heat was on but it was quickly understood that the lodge really wasn’t built for winter occupation, as temperatures did not meet expectations. The three from Oklahoma stayed the night and a midnight showing of The Shinning was projected in the lobby. There were few takers.

Sunday was calmer, but more and wetter snow continued to fall. Snowmen started sprouting in front of the lodge and the roads remained closed. Images were posted to Facebook. More hikers arrived (some in shorts!?!) and again some stayed the night.

Monday, Memorial Day, was glorious with sun and warmth. The summit filled with visitors as the road was reopened and the remaining snow took on an extraordinarily decorative character.

More photos were posted. The snow melted. A lone diminished snowman remained at the end of the day.

For Bascom Lodge, in its 75th year, it was a memorable start.

The lodge will fully open on Saturday, June 1. As usual it will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and lodging through October 20th.

An anniversary celebration is scheduled for the weekend of July 13th & 14th. Among the planned festivities is a Native American Tepee raising and drumming, a mountain blessing, a talk about climbing the Seven Summits by local mountaineer Mike Matty and a World Jazz Festival. All events are free.

Go to for more information and event listings.

Also, in honor of the anniversary, the Bascom Lodge Café will tip its hat to the classic roadside diners, truck stops and cafés that were once found along the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine with a season-long series of 1930s classic “blue plate” lunch specials. The menu will include Maryland crab cake salad, salmon croquettes, Philadelphia cheese steak sandwiches, “Miles Standish” club sandwiches, Carolina pulled-pork sandwiches, New England clam chowder, Georgia peanut soup, Maine lobster rolls and more.

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