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Stockbridge is a town in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts to Connecticut with the horse that has been repeatedly cited for its unique landscape, as in the lyrics of Sweet Baby James James Taylor says that “Now the first of December was covered with snow / And so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston / Lord, the Berkshires Seemed That dreamlike on account of frosting (On 1 December was all covered with snow / as the highway from Stockbridge to Boston / My God, the Berkshires seemed a dream for the frost). ” Stockbridge reach from Boston, along the highway in the opposite direction quoted by James Taylor. It is the I-90, the longest interstate in the US, but I follow for just over 200 kilometers. Out of the car, they are suddenly projected in a fairy tale, in an indefinite time. In the silence of the night, with the thin air, everything seems perfect and tidy, the facades of houses refurbished and comfortable, and the Christmas lights add a touch of magic. Nothing has changed since 1967, when the painter and illustrator most famous of America, Norman Rockwell painted the famous view Home for Christmas, known as Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas and has quickly become an icon of the American Way of Life sixties.

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