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Living in the Berkshires – On the Road With Michelle

Be a four season local in the Berkshires!The Berkshires… our scenery is relaxing, our towns are quaint, our vibe is unparalleled AND our cost of living is affordable! We’re a tempting location for visitors who want to make the jump and become 2nd homeowners or residents in the region. Here are some things to keep in mind when talking to visitors about how life is calling in the Berkshires…Real Estate Agents.

These professionals are the Berkshires’ backbone for newcomers and second homeowners. Not only do these agents find the homes for the families, they may be the ones families reach out to later to help rent out the home. We have a variety of landscapes and architecture here so finding that right fit is always important.

Being a four season local.

Second homeowners are seeking a sense of place and want to feel like a local no matter the season. They want to shop and dine at their regular haunts, they want to see their shows and experience the Berkshires with, you guessed it, friends! These 2nd homeowners now have the luxury of inviting friends to our region. Their house is their landing pad, entertaining haven, and free room and board for families.

Taking the leap to becoming a year-round resident.

The ultimate step for Berkshire fans is relocating – visitors who needed a slice, couldn’t get enough, want a change of pace, and are determined to embrace it full time. It can be a daunting feat – any move is stressful, but a change of career added into the mix is especially complex. Luckily, we have a region of talented business people they can get connected to beforehand.

What’s really cool about 2nd homeowners is that their homes have needs too (which helps boost our regional economy): they have a septic that needs pumping, roofs that need re-shingling, interiors that need painting. They need furniture, food, and firewood too. Much love to our second homeowners out there!

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Most days you can find Michelle Murphy, BVB Communications Associate, on the road visiting Members. Her visits help to keep the BVB staff updated on what’s new and offer’s Members a chance to share images and information through our various social media channels. Site visits usually last about 30-45 minutes and it is a great opportunity to educate the BVB staff so that they can inspire visitors to come and see you as well! To schedule a visit from Michelle, please email at [email protected] or call 413.743.4500, ext. 133.