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#liveBRK Spotlight with Mitch Bresett, Chris St. Cyr & Jason Koperniak 

Posted on September 07, 2021Written by Abby Leadbetter

Tiny Homes Making Big Impressions

Mitch Bresett, Chris St. Cyr, and Jason Koperniak (Co-Owners of B&B Micro Manufacturing in Adams, MA), could have stayed on separate career tracks after leaving their hometown in the Berkshires for college and work, but the childhood friends always believed they’d start their own business together. When a chance meeting years later reconnected them, the trio pooled their collective professional experience in construction, finance, and business development, and formed B&B Micro Manufacturing, a homebuilding and renovation company named after Mitch’s father’s business where they had all worked and learned the building trade in their teens.

Mitch Bresett, Chris St. Cyr, and Jason Koperniak Photo by Kacey Hatch

In deciding to relaunch in the Berkshires, Mitch, Chris, and Jason recognized that the region needed a business such as theirs, given the booming tiny house industry and the large number of qualified building contractors looking for steady work. Their climate-controlled facility in Adams employs 34 people and is growing, though the pandemic hit B&B hard.

“We shutdown our manufacturing facility for two months as a result of the virus and statewide non-essential business lockdowns,” says Jason. “We had to furlough all our employees but have been blessed with a surge of business in the housing and recreational vehicle/camping markets. Demand has been strong and we are looking forward to a promising 2021 pending a resurgence of the virus that might cause manufacturing shutdowns.”

Since building their first tiny house on wheels in 2016, business has grown, expanding into small homes constructed on fixed foundations. Modular homes are next. “We’re constantly innovating,” Jason says. “We’ll continue to evolve. The Berkshires is the best place for us. I don’t know if we would have gotten the recognition and support we’ve found here anywhere else. Having worked in Adams and North Adams definitely helped.”

Choosing to locate their business where they also enjoy spending personal time was a definite consideration, especially after spending early careers in large cities. Returning to the region appealed to all three of them. “We all enjoy the outdoors and all the Berkshires has to offer. Compared to urban areas, that comes at a minimal price,” says Jason. “Coming back to these mountains, you realize you grew up in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We’ve continued to enjoy the Berkshires during the pandemic. Our team has spent a lot of time outdoors – lots of fishing.

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