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Lenox Keeps Moving Forward – Adding “New Stories” to the Shelves After 250 Years

“The times they are a changing…” and Lenox, established in 1767, is soon to be 250 years young.  As this anniversary approaches Lenox is embracing the challenge and looking to find new ways to drive Lenox and the Berkshires in the best direction for the next 250 years.

Lenox is happily going through a transitional growth spurt in its never ending quest for adding new stories to the shelves.  You can see all sorts of changes around town, from new stores and restaurants to construction of homes and repaving of roads. The planned construction of condos at Canyon Ranch and the restoration and resort use of Spring Lawn Mansion, along with other proposed building projects, will add to  the economic growth for Lenox, as well as the entire county. This will also restore a piece of Lenox’s historic past which is originally what made  Lenox and the Berkshires such a great place to live, work and play.

The entire business community is moving forward with new optimism and creative thinking.  For example, The Lenox Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Lenox are creating apps to help visitors and residents navigate the informational roads of today and tomorrow.  The Lenox Chamber App will open all of Berkshire County to an audience that can access the Berkshires on a moment to moment basis.

The new Lenox Merchant Association has sparked a spirited and welcomed pride in doing business in Lenox and in the Berkshires. Lenox’s one-of-a-kind, locally owned and operated shops believe in quality merchandise and personalized service.  This new association will keep this top of mind and make sure that visitors and residents alike will find plenty of great shopping opportunities in Lenox all year round.

From “farm to table” is the way we in Berkshire County enjoy dining and we applaud our restaurateurs and local chefs for sharing the same standards.  Lenox restaurants are focused on hearty, healthy cuisine and are a leading factor in adding new stories to the Berkshire culinary history.  Come and sample all the flavors Lenox has to offer, sit at a table or sidle up to the bar, where ever you choose to eat there is a place set for you in Lenox.

Lenox is continuously creating new stories that will become tomorrow’s history. Come this year and celebrate 250 with the town and then join Lenox in looking forward to the next 250 years.