Press About The Berkshires

In the Lap of Luxury in Lenox, at the Reborn Blantyre

LENOX — The trajectory of the Berkshires keeps going in one clear direction: toward the upscale.

The latest evidence is Blantyre, one of 12 Gilded Age mansions scattered across rolling hills reminiscent of the English countryside around Lenox and Stockbridge. The complex of red-brick Tudor mansion, carriage house, and cottages, arrayed on 110 acres of manicured grounds, re-opened Memorial Day Weekend under new ownership.

The renewed emphasis on luxury goes well beyond high thread counts, obligatory spa, farm-to-table dining, and croquet lawn. The new Blantyre has an exquisite 10,000-bottle wine cellar and tasting room, where guests will be enveloped in a fantasy world of sipping Dom Perignon. That alone just speaks magnums. Read more about Blantyre >>