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Housatonic Heritage Walk – On the Road With Michelle

Bullard Woods a stop on the Housatonic Heritage TrailWe met at the trail head, Richard Seltzer, the President of the Stockbridge Bowl Association lead the way. It was a drizzly morning. Overcast. Crisp. Fall was just emerging, some trees more willing than others to change with the weather. The group was eight strong. Eight who were all after the same experience at 10am on a Sunday: to walk in the footsteps of Hawthorne and Thoreau.

We walked into the woods, on an easy path, sheltered by the tree tops and their branches jammed with leaves, talking about poets, authors, and the history of Lake Mahkeenac as we went. I helped pick up bits of trash. We stopped along the way to admire trees, flora and fauna on the primary growth forest floor.

Thoreau, Hawthorne, Melville, Holmes, Arrowhead, Mahkeenac, Mt. Greylock. These words were all woven into the infrastructure of our conversation. The group arrived at the edge of the Bowl and talked about the water’s Winter patterns. About how the lake is drained, ice fisherman stake their claim, it makes excellent snowshoeing territory, and more. We asked questions while acorns fell from trees overhead.

These mystical figures from Berkshires’ past walked with us as we rounded corners, came to open fields, and let the woods close us in once again before returning to the parking lot we started the morning in. I held hands with Hawthorne. I thought like Thoreau. All before noon on a Sunday. That is the magic and power of the Housatonic Heritage walk.

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