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Holiday Gift Ideas – On the Road With Michelle

Money. Prepaid credit cards. Checks. These kinds of gifts are easy to give and easier to spend. I know when I get money for the Holidays, I dream up ways to spend it on something special or something fun. More often than not my Holiday gift money ends up in my gas tank or in my refrigerator.

It’s hard buying for people. You want to get them the right thing, not spend crazy money, and ultimately want them to love what you buy them. If you anguish over details or find yourself shoving fifties into envelopes, stop. Sure the receiver will love the money; everyone loves money. But stop. You’re more creative than that.

Why not give a gift that goes away? Wait, what? You got it. Give a gift that goes away.

I know what you’re thinking: “Candles, lotions, and soaps are so personal! I can’t give my friends and family anything with a scent…” C’mon, I thought you knew these people! Deep down you know what they like to eat, drink, and smell. Well, ok, what goes away? Wine, beer, liquor, chocolate, cheese, hand soap, lotion, candles, flowers, herb gardens, etc. Get creative! You don’t have to spend all your Benjamins. Make a personalized gift basket full of items geared towards your audience and your budget. Gift baskets are fun to assemble and even more fun to disassemble.

Swing by Wandering Star and taste test their brews before gifting a growler to Uncle Albert. Stop by Guido’s Fresh Marketplace and hit up their wall of chocolate for Aunt Joan. Willowbrook Home has luxurious candles, diffusers, and soaps for your niece, nephew, son, and daughter. Ward’s Nursery and Garden center has hardy planted herbs your mom will love having on her countertop for cooking. Dad will enjoy sipping a drink made from his bottle of Berkshire Bourbon. Imagine some beautiful Cricket Creek Farm cheese bundled with a bottle of Furnace Brook Winery wine and some Berkshire Bark! Any kids on your list? How about a pint of SoCo Creamery ice cream with a Jiminy Peak lift ticket taped to the bottom. Or a bottle of Ramblewild’s maple syrup with a few tickets to their aerial adventure park.

Can’t get to these stores or places and still want to give a thoughtful Berkshire gift? The Berkshire Holiday Auction is your resource for vouchers and gift cards from businesses throughout the region. You’ll find everything from meals to overnights to spa services to shows. Bidding starts December 1 and ends December 11, 2014.
Happy Holidays!

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