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His Girl Friday Is a Hit

His Girl Friday

The audience leans forward in their seats, the suspense drawing them in. This is the heightened point of the story, the climax. The drama has fully­­­­­ unfolded. The audience is captivated. This is theater, full of drama and it entertains and always tells a story. But theater isn’t all drama all the time. Sometimes all you want to do is laugh. Sometimes a show where any drama is always met with a joke is equally captivating and makes for a light-hearted evening.

That’s what the audience will get with Barrington Stage Company’s screwball comedy His Girl Friday, currently playing at their Mainstage theatre. Adapted for stage by Tony Award-winner John Guare from the Broadway play The Front Page and the Columbia Pictures Film, His Girl Friday tells the story of Walter Burns, a Chicago newspaper editor so keen on finding the next big news story, he will even resort to his ­­­hiring his ex-wife is that means he can get the latest scoop. Hilarity ensues in this forgotten Great Depression era genre of screwball comedy. This genre is often characterized by a headstrong female and a lead male, whose masculinity is often challenged by the woman. This coupling is seen in His Girl Friday as a battle of the sexes in a witty repartee between Walter and Hildy and the rest of the ensemble cast.

Set in the days when humor was all people had to hold onto, His Girl Friday was one of the most popular stories and has been produced for the stage and film several times over. If plays like His Girl Friday could lift the spirits of those going through the Great Depression, then expect a treat in this reimagined stage production in 2015. Directed by Barrington Stage’s own Artistic Director Julianne Boyd, this show is not to be missed, especially by those who love a lot of charm and a lot of laughs.

Take a peek at the highlights…via YouTube.

Photo Credit: Kevin Sprague