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Get Outside – On the Road With Michelle

Canoeing on the Housatonic River is enjoyable and scenic!Outdoors. How can someone visit the Berkshires without enjoying the outdoors? People crave space and I’ve broken this blog down into the four essential elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Here are some launching points for your visitors looking to get out and enjoy:


Hiking is one of the activities that make the Berkshires a destination. We’ve got everything from beginner paths for young ones to more advanced trails to tackle with your dog, husband, wife, kids, family, or solo. My go-tos? In addition to the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, check out Berkshire Natural Resources Council or The Trustees of Reservations. Between the three of them, you’ve got the Berkshires covered on foot.


The Housatonic is a winding water walkway that twists itself around the Berkshires. Grab a friend and call ahead to the Arcadian Shop in Lenox. They’ll deliver two kayaks to Decker’s Landing and pick you up at Woods Pond after a few hours of paddling on the Housatonic and reconnecting with nature. Prefer to stay on land? You can still enjoy the beauty of the lakes alongside Ashuwillticook Rail Trail while traversing on foot or with a rented bike from Village Bike Rentals in Adams.


Now I’ve never gone up in one, but I imagine hot air ballooning to be quite an experience. Spirit Ballooning and Worthington Ballooning can take you up, around, and back down again. You’ll gain perspective on our geography and enjoy the Berkshires like a bird. Snap a few photos, but don’t drop your phone and be sure to take it all in. Scenic flights are also available from the Harriman-West Airport in North Adams, piloted by Teamflys.


Now that you’ve burned all these calories, it’s time to eat. And drink. Taste Berkshires exists to fulfill foodies’ needs. Lists of restaurants, specialty markets, farmers markets, orchards, wineries, farms, etc. can be found at TasteBerkshires.

Honestly, at the end of the day, we’re not meant to be folded and hunched at our desks day in and day out. We’re meant to be moving – sunburns, bug bites and all. The Berkshires’ best-kept secrets are waiting outside!

Most days you can find Michelle Murphy, BVB Communications Associate, on the road visiting Members. Her visits help to keep the BVB staff updated on what’s new and offer’s Members a chance to share images and information through our various social media channels. Site visits usually last about 30-45 minutes and it is a great opportunity to educate the BVB staff so that they can inspire visitors to come and see you as well!