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Gedney Farm in New Marlborough pulls Boston Magazine attention

Becca Orel and Ben Ehrenreich were both about to take a break from three years of searching for “the one” on OkCupid when Ben suddenly showed up in Becca’s collection of matches in 2015. She hadn’t seen him on the app before, so she sent him a message. They began chatting about the West Wing, 30 Rock, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then about a week later decided to meet at a wine bar for a drink. It was pouring that evening, which meant that Becca was drenched by the time she walked in. But, so as not to embarrass her, Ben pretended not to see as she quickly spruced herself up using her phone’s camera. “I was a little frazzled,” Becca recalls with a laugh. It didn’t matter though: The two hit it off.

About one year into dating, the couple began to talk about marriage. “It was all very much on the table,” Becca says. Exactly two years into their courtship, getting married went from a possibility to reality when the couple took a trip to Paris. Ben brought his grandmother’s engagement band, which he’d outfitted with the diamond from Becca’s grandmother’s engagement ring. On their anniversary, the couple headed to Luxembourg Gardens. What happened next is no surprise: “I proposed in the bandstand,” Ben says.

Read the entire article: Could This October Gedney Farm Wedding Be Any Cuter? << by clicking the link. Boston Magazine posted the article on October 15, 2019.