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Food in the Berkshires

By Michelle Murphy

The Berkshires has a deeply-rooted food culture and it’s been that way, well, forever. I want to talk about three distinct Berkshire businesses doing The Berkshire food culture justice (although, as we know, the list is much larger than this!).

Grow it.

Cricket Creek Farm.
Delicious cheese is grown here. Well, wait, let’s back up a bit. Grown? Yes, grown. The grass is growing, the cows are growing, the cheese is, well, growing. This farm is a live organism: A woven cosmic braid of science and love. Shooting stars and all. Seriously. They’re doing special things and I absolutely need to highlight them. Jump into their farm store and poke around – you won’t leave empty handed – everything looks good. Everything tastes great. Happy Berkshire cows made delicious cheese #intheberkshires.

Grill it.

Red Apple Butchers.
Nose to tail never tasted so good. Sourcing pasture-raised animals from local farms in and around the Berkshires, Red Apple Butchers serves high-quality meat. Offering custom cuts of meat, they waste little and will influence how you buy and consume meat. Ditch the cellophane wrapped whatever and get to Red Apple. Your grill, your family, and your belly will thank you.

Wash it down.

Big Elm Brewing.
Ok, technically beer isn’t a food, but it can be sometimes. It enhances a meal, livens the spirit, and just tastes darn good. The beer that is being brewed out of Big Elm Brewing is absolutely delicious. So many flavors, so many kinds. Ah, those beautiful cans of shiny brilliance! Be still, my heart. From seasonal favorites to classic tried and true flavors, you’ll find them with that beautiful Elm tree stamp.

Big Elm Brewing is open for tastings Saturdays from 12-4pm!

Food is love. Food is art. Food is nourishment. Ten thousand taste buds can’t be wrong, right?  Come Taste Berkshires!

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