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Foliage Report #5 – The Berkshire Leaf Chief

Wow! The Columbus Day weekend was truly an eye opener. Color is strong at elevations throughout county, especially Brodie Mountain on Route 7; lower valleys feature individual trees and roadsides. Now is the time to visit.

Among the towns that stand out are Hinsdale, Dalton, Lanesborough and Williamstown on the Williams College campus and in front of The Williams Inn. Mt. Greylock is beginning to look good from any angle, whether from the west, say from in front of the high school that bears its name; or from the east, by Whitney’s hyperactive farm stand on Cheshire Reservoir; also looking good, Cheshire center, by the State Police barracks and downtown Adams—all on Route 8.

It is the season for large tour buses. My advice to them and to automobile peepers: Route 7 is fine for color, but explore some of the byways. Richmond, on Route 41, would be an excellent choice; Washington Mountain Road from Pittsfield to Becket; 7-A to check the trees around the Church on the Hill in Lenox. Cranwell’s golf course and the trees along East Road, parallel to Route 7 in Lenox, are looking good. Not for buses because it’s part gravel, Stewart White Road, off of Route 116 out of Adams, has perhaps the most dramatic view of our rumpled landscape.

The colors have crept into the valleys, yes, but it’s time to hike into the hills, just as thousands did on Monday’s Greylock Ramble. This would be grand time to climb Pine Cobble from the parking lot on Pine Cobble Road off North Hoosac Road in Williamstown; to climb Mt. Greylock, say by the Hopper Trail at the end of Hopper Road, Williamstown; to ascend Lenox Mountain from Pleasant Valley Audubon Sanctuary; to mount Monument Mountain on Route 7, north of Great Barrington; or to attempt Tyringham Cobble, on Jerusalem Road, Tyringham. Dollars to Homer’s doughnuts the color is good in the elevated reaches in the town of Mt. Washington, as well, from the footpaths on Alander and Mt. Everett.

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