Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT

Neveruses; Beyonder
In light of the Vermont legislation banning single-use plastic carryout bags, this exhibition repurposes existing plastic bags as artworks. Opening April, 2021.

Love, Marriage, and Divorce
This exhibit will explore the highs and lows of love and heartache, from gorgeous Victorian wedding gowns, to scandalous tales of sexual harassment. Despite changing social customs, we may find that human nature has changed very little over the years, although the nature of marriage continues to shift.
April 2 – December 31, 2021.

Robert Frost, “At Present in Vermont”
This exhibit will examine Frost’s life and work in the context of the landscape and culture of Bennington County from 1920 – 1938. Opening April 2, 2021.

Bernay Fine Art
Winter Group Show
Featuring the works of artists: Stephanie Anderson, Diane Ayott, Warner Friedman, Phil Knoll, Chenta Laury, Sandy Litchfield, Sue Muskat, Hideyo Okamura, Dana Piazza, Scott Prior, Janet Rickus, Nadine Robbins, Karin Schaefer, Lynda Schlosberg, Sonya Sklaroff, Barbara Takenaga, David Vickery and Michael Zelehoski. On view February 13 – March 31, 2021

Clark Art Institute, Williamstown

Erin Shirreff: Remainders
This yearlong exhibition in public spaces around the Clark examines Erin Shirreff’s practice—between analog and digital media, two and three dimensions, and still and moving images—and its fascination with the mythmaking behind art history. On view January 16 – January 2, 2022.

A Change in the Light
This exhibition presents clichés-verre by five French artists—Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Charles-François Daubigny, Eugène Delacroix, Jean François Millet, and Théodore Rousseau. On view February 13 – May 16, 2021.

A reverence for nature and a desire to further enliven the surrounding trails, pastures, and woods inspired Ground/work—the Clark Art Institute’s first outdoor exhibition. Building on a history of collaboration with contemporary artists, the Clark commissioned Kelly Akashi, Nairy Baghramian, Jennie C. Jones, Eva LeWitt, Analia Saban, and Haegue Yang to create new works of art in active dialogue with this specific environment. On view through October 2021.

Nikolai Astrup: Visions of Norway
The Clark presents the first North American exhibition of the paintings and prints of Norwegian painter Nikolai Astrup (1880–1928), who deftly wove tradition and innovation into his artistic production. Astrup is considered one of Norway’s most important artists, yet he is largely unknown outside of his homeland. Nikolai Astrup: Visions of Norway features more than eighty-five works celebrating this brilliant painter, printmaker, and horticulturalist. On view June 19, 2021 – September 19, 2021.

MASS MoCA, North Adams

Blane De St. Croix – How to Move a Landscape
How to Move a Landscape is artist Blane De St. Croix’s largest and most ambitious exhibition to date, exploring the geopolitical landscape and environmental issues. On view through September, 2021.

Richard Nielsen: This is not a Gag
Los Angeles-based artist Richard Nielsen reveals the fiercest and finest parts of human nature in This is Not a Gag, his series of portraits of people in their face masks, on view beginning November 7. The subjects’ faces may be covered, but variations in masks and individual expressions speak volumes about our lives today. Among the subjects are artists, writers, and friends of Nielsen and MASS MoCA; and if you look closely you might just recognize some of those fiery eyes️. On view beginning November 7.

Big Bling
The spectacular forty-foot-tall work — the largest temporary installation Puryear has created — is built of wood, Puryear’s signature material, and chain-link fence. Through abstract means, the artist has crafted an ongoing dialogue with history, art history, identity, and politics. Here, “bling,” a slang term for flashy jewelry and accessories, is rooted in the urban youth, hip-hop, and rap culture of the 1990s.
On view Spring, 2020 – 2025.

Glenn Kaino: In the Light of a Shadow
This exhibition allows us to look at the intersectionality between the history of civil rights and the racial and ecological implications of the global pandemic. On view March, 2021.

Close to You
Conceived in the wake of a global pandemic – an event inflected by loss, precarity, and distance between bodies – Close to You invites audiences to reflect upon physical, emotional, and spiritual proximity. The exhibition presents the work of six artists who share an engagement with kinship. On view April, 2021.

James Turrell: Skyspace
Thirty years in the making, James Turrell’s largest free-standing circular Skyspace at MASS MoCA. Measuring 40 feet in diameter and 40 feet high, this repurposed concrete water tank transforms into one of Turrell’s signature immersive light installations, carving out a small piece of the sky and framing it as a canvas with infinite depth. On view May 29

Them and Us/ellos Y Nosotros
Artist ERRE, who lives and works between Tijuana and San Diego, has made the border a central part of his work for over two decades, examining its oft-forgotten history and shifting, as well as its current social, economic, and political implications. The primary checkpoint between Tijuana and San Diego, the San Ysidro Port of Entry, is the one of the most heavily trafficked land border in the world, where over 30 million people pass each year. The endless flow of goods and people is evidence of the intricate and interdependent relationship of the two cities and of the United States and Mexico more broadly. On view through Summer, 2021.

Norman Rockwell Museum
The Unity Project
The Unity Project is an art and civics initiative of the Norman Rockwell Museum and contemporary illustrators that is dedicated to an inclusive America in which all voices are heard. Inspired by the rich and continuing tradition of American illustration, this project inspires us to consider the integral role that published imagery plays in creating cultural narratives which connect us to our times.

Pat Oliphant: Editorial Cartoons from the Nixon and Clinton Eras
Spanning more than sixty years, Oliphant’s finely-tuned drawings have cast a clear eye on global politics, culture, the economy, and scandals, and his caricatures of American presidents and other powerful leaders are world renowned. On view February 4 – May 31, 2021.

Norman Rockwell: Telling Stories
Though Norman Rockwell preferred cover work to any other type of assignment, story illustration makes up a large body of the artist’s work. Narrative texts by a wide range of authors, both famous and lesser known, were the basis for thousands of illustrations. His interest in characterization and detail was perfectly suited to story illustration, which enhanced and expanded upon the written word. On view February 4 – May 31, 2021.

Norman Rockwell: The Art of Persuasion
While taking classes at New York’s Art Students League in 1911 and 1912, Rockwell made a pact with his classmates “never to do advertising jobs,” which they considered more commercial than magazine illustration. But the artist admitted that this promise was quickly broken. Rockwell’s narrative style lent itself to advertising, and George Lorimer, editor of The Saturday Evening Post, advised him to charge double the fee that he received for a Post cover. On view February 4 – May 31, 2021.

Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Illustration
Fictional worlds of magic and adventure come to life through fantasy illustration. Myths, legends, fables, romance, and epic battles involving swords and sorcery occur in a world unfamiliar to us. Unlike science fiction, which is based on fact, fantasy presents an imaginative reality built on universal themes—heroes defeating fire-breathing dragons, angels and demons engaging in combat, and mythological tales of love and loss. On view June 12 – October 31, 2021

Smith College Museum of Art
Virtual: SCMA Then/Now – Now/Next
SCMA Then\Now\Next is neither a presentation of collection “highlights,” nor is it a chronological survey of works of art acquired over the past 100 years. Rather, it proposes a series of linked installations organized around the themes of SCMA Then\Now and SCMA Now\Next. Both sections cover historical and contemporary art, encompass a wide range of artistic media and engage with the global scope of our collection.

Ventfort Hall Mansion & Gilded Age Museum
Tables for Two: Famous Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Displaying decorated table settings representing couples from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the exhibit will be open to the public until Sunday, February 28. Reservations are required due to the pandemic. Reservations required. On view February 1 – 28, 2021