The Berkshires Blog

Educational Opportunities Abound in the Berkshires

August 2014

By Betsy Strickler

What you may know about the Berkshires is that we’re famous for the natural beauty of our area, the amazing historical and cultural venues that abound, and the businesses and organizations that are growing and hiring.  What you may not know, are the multitude of educational organizations that are tucked away in our landscape.

A fundamental piece of every child’s life is their education.  Their education that begins with their parents and lasts their entire lives, the education via “society” in their everyday life and in the world we live in, and of course the education taught in school by professional educators.  Consider the Berkshires.

Starting at a young age, families begin to consider the educational opportunities for their child/ren.  There are so many types of educational institutions from which to choose.  From capital “P” progressive to small “t” traditional and everything in between.  In the region, our public schools offer a variety of options, including vocational programs, single sex classes in some and a Charter option. Montessori and Rudolph Steiner schools, parochial and religiously affiliated schools, therapeutic, independent, day and boarding such as Miss Hall’s and Berkshire School – the Berkshires has it all.

I have heard so many times from families visiting Darrow School they first knew of the School or the area from a family trip or summer camp in the Berkshires.  The thrill of being able to attend or offer an opportunity to their child to learn in such an idyllic setting is appealing to many.  Our colleges include the first Community College in the Commonwealth, Berkshire Community College, and Simon’s Rock College, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and Williams College all have made their mark on the area with long standing traditions of excellence in education. William’s was recently ranked as the #1 Top College by Forbes.

As you spend this summer listening to the sounds of the Berkshires, hike our magnificent hills, play in our parks, or visit on a business trip, I encourage you to consider the foundation of all of this, Education.


Betsy Strickler is the Director of Admission at the Darrow School, a co-ed, college-preparatory boarding and day school. Darrow is dedicated to serving students with diverse backgrounds and abilities, building on each student’s individual talents and interests to inspire enduring confidence for success in college and life.