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Eat Your Winter Greens! – TasteBerkshires

Berkshire-Grown“Eat your greens” has become such a common admonition that it’s moved into the realm of backlash. Kale has become the punchline of jokes.

But the truth remains: dark green leafy vegetables are, undoubtedly, among the healthiest items that we can eat. And hardly anything is more satisfying than being able to buy fresh, locally grown greens, in all their anti-oxidant-rich leafiness, during the winter.

Enter the Berkshire Grown Holiday Farmers’ Markets. Six years ago the local, member-supported nonprofit Berkshire Grown started markets in November and December in Great Barrington and Williamstown, in order to extend the selling season for farmers’ beyond when seasonal markets close up shop. This year Berkshire Grown – by popular demand – has added new holiday weekend markets in January and February in Great Barrington (see here for details).

For the first round of markets in November, you can expect plenty of fresh produce from this season’s harvest. At the November 22nd market and the November 23rd will be selling fresh produce – including winter greens: The Berry Patch, Bradley Farm, Farm Girl Farm, Hawk Dance Farm, Jaeschke’s Orchard, Many Forks Farm, Markristo Farm, Maynard Farms, Mighty Food Farm, Mill River Farm, MX Morningstar Farm, Peace Valley Farm, Square Roots Farm, Trusted Roots Farm and Wildstone Farm.

Another great way to find winter greens is at year-round farmers’ markets in our area in Amenia and Millerton, NY, Norfolk, CT and Bennington, VT; visit Map-o-licious on the Berkshire Grown website here and click on Farmers Markets for details. Plus, locally-minded retailers like the Berkshire Co-op Market, Berkshire Organics, Guido’s Fresh Marketplace and Wild Oats Market seek out local produce and always have plenty of greens on hand.

When you visit the Berkshire Grown Holiday Farmers’ Markets, you’ll also be able to get your greens in plenty of other forms. There will be kale walnut pesto, greens in soups and salads, and greens on freshly-baked pizza. And once you’ve stocked your reusable grocery bags with healthy greens and other local produce, maybe there will be a little space left to fit in something from that locally-baked cookie vendor.

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