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Easy Access Parks from your Berkshire Mountain Rover (BMR)

With busy schedules and a packed calendar of events more cultural activities, it can be tough for some to find time for an outdoor destination adventure in the Berkshires. Fortunately, within every town and city center in our region, you can find a slice of nature all to yourself. Here are two of my favorites.

Catching a concert of play at the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield? Less than a mile to the south you’ll find one of my favorite parks in the city – Pomeroy River Park. While the park itself is rather small and consists of little more than the soccer field, you’ll find a beautiful path along the Housatonic River which will quickly deliver you to a quiet space all your own. There’s also a canoe launch next to the parking area, which makes for a great jumping off point for a trip to Canoe Meadows or further downstream to the access on New Lenox Road.

Alright, now you just caught an awesome indie movie at Triplex Cinema and an amazing dinner at one of Great Barrington’s endless selection of restaurants. Start out walking along Castle Street and head a mile up Lake Mansfield Road for an evening along the shores of Lake Mansfield. A quiet summer evening at the beach is not to be missed. Across the street from the lake you’ll find the Lake Mansfield Conservation Forest and 29 acres of preserved land to explore via a series of trails. Continue east on the main trail and head to Welcome Street, which connects you to the quiet Pearl and George Streets and then back to Main Street where you can pick up the River Walk. The entire journey can be walked as a 3.5 mile loop. Check out this map for more info. You can find out more about Great Barrington’s natural areas at

With a little planning, you’ll find that even with a day full of activities in town, you still have plenty of time to discover the outdoors in the Berkshires take it from me your Berkshire Mountain Rover (BMR)!