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Eastover Resort–Business to Business Marketing at Work – The Wellness Guy

002When I think about say Elm Court and Eastover, I’m not sure which investors have the larger renovation challenge.  If I had to choose, I would have to say Eastover really had their work cut out for them.  There are rooms in Elm Court that don’t need a thing whereas Eastover needed almost a full overhaul.  Still, Ying Wang and her husband, owners of Eastover Resort, have done a fabulous job so far.  Although you can’t see these yet, there are English and Japanese gardens encircling the mansion; a massive indoor swimming pool; a vast network of trails and woodlands; stellar views; giant rooms with high ceilings; and even a little spa area upstairs.  The labyrinthine connecting corridors give it a kind of Harry Potter feel as you pop out into different areas of the building.  There’s the Tally Ho Pub on premises and guest lodging, of course.  But here’s where Eastover did something different.

Rather than being simply a hotel style resort for families and couples, they have branded the resort as a kind of holistic/wellness retreat venue.  They sponsor guest teachers and speakers on anything from Qigong to Chinese Herbs to active sports like kayaking adventures and wilderness hikes.  The teachers add interpretation or information on their specialty like forest fungus or avian creatures during the trips.  With a thrust towards organic healthy foods, yoga, massage and essentially taking a step back from life to see where you’ve been and where you’re going, Eastover has carved out a fascinating niche.  They don’t throw the programs, instead, they facilitate them.  They offer lodging, food and some basic marketing support to promote the activities, but basically it’s up to the teacher and entrepreneur to fill the space.  And that’s why I say, it’s B2B marketing at work!