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Collaborations in the Berkshires: Where Genres & Geography Mix

In the Spotllight, June 2021
By Shera Cohen
1B Assisted

Summer marriages are now aplenty, especially in this post-Covid 19 year. No, these are not the weddings with tiered cakes and champagne, white garters and terrible toasts, chocolate strawberries and baskets of monied envelopes.

I use the words “marriages” and/or “weddings” to indicate, for the purpose of this article, true meaningful collaborations that become long or short-term connections. Summer, 2021 is no longer a time for art venues and individuals to continue the “me, me, me” isolationist mantra of survival of the fittest. Making things worse is the competition for: audiences, media space, big name stars, venues, and calendar dates. It seems that the paramount need for arts is the search for dollars. No surprise: there is not enough to go around, or even attempt to fulfill the obligations intended by donors, and anticipated by venues, in pre-pandemic 2019.

Who better to use as an example than myself? While not representing any particular class or color, economic or geographic distinction between me and the thousands of strangers who I see in the Berkshires, my guess that our common denominator is love of culture and arts. In the case of the Berkshires, these enriching experiences within a 45-mile radius of each other, not to mention encompassed by and set among the great natural landscape, are the epitome of the planet’s creation.